Monday, May 17, 2021

2012 Question is Answered

 My question concerning the 2012 Cubs program has been answered, thanks to reader Matthew.  I've never seen a 2012 program and didn't know what it was called.  Matthew sent me this picture...

This is his copy of the program, and even better, it comes from his first game at Wrigley.  So now I know exactly what I'm looking for with the 2012.

I do hope I can find this July edition, with Darwin Barney on the cover.  You may also recognize the picture.  Well, you may not, but I did immediately.

This is the same picture that was used by Topps on his 2013 card.  He hit a walk-off home run against the Padres on May 30, 2012.

I recognized the picture almost immediately since I have 17 different versions of the card!


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