Saturday, May 15, 2021

Vineline Ryne Sandberg

 The Cubs magazine Vine Line offered a gift in 1993 to new subscribers.

Order the magazine for two years and you'll get 12 Ryne Sandberg cards.  Notice how the Cubs put in a little dig at Upper Deck too.... Don't settle for the upper deck.

I found a listing on Ebay that offered the cards.  I got the cards for less than a buck a piece.

There are twelve cards in the set and each card represents a season Sandberg was with the Cubs, 1891 - 1992.  That's eleven cards.  The twelfth recaps his career.

The cards came in one full sheet.  Usually I cut up full sheet, but this time I decided to leave the sheet intact.  I'll start with the back.

Notice how each card is labeled with a different year.

I'm not 100% certain, but it looks like the pictures match the year the card mentions.  The mustached Sandberg picture is on the 1987 card and that is the year he had his short-lived mustache.

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