Monday, April 15, 2013

Might As Well Get Your Name in the Record Book...

I suppose that if you're going to have a bad season, you might as well get your name in the record book while you're doing it.

And that is what the Cubs did yesterday.

During the sixth inning against the Giants, they went from leading by three runs to trailing by one.  And they did so in an MLB record tying way....Edwin Jackson and Michael Bowden combined for five wild pitches in one inning.  Yeah!  We're in the record book!

Here's how the inning went...

Jackson walks Hunter Pence

Wild Pitch #1 sends him to second.  Brandon Belt walks (think Jackson is having some control issues?).  Gregor Blanco doubles, scoring Pence and sending Belt to third.  Hector Sanchez strikes out as Jackson gives us a false glimmer of hope.  But then he walks Brandon Crawford, and ball four is...

....Wild Pitch #2, scoring Belt and moving Blanco to third.

Jackson is done for the day, and in comes Michael Bowden.

He promptly throws Wild Pitch #3, sending Crawford to second.  Nick Noonan singles bringing in both Blanco and Crawford, giving the Giants the lead.

Then, while Angel Pagan is batting, Bowden unleases

Wild Pitch #4 and

Wild Pitch #5!  Yeah!  Record tied!  Pagan walked, but Marco Scutaro grounded into a double play before the Cubs could claim the record by themselves.  Boo!

Tomorrow's another day...let's go get 'em boys and not settle for a tied record....let's snag that puppy all for ourselves!


  1. I was watching that game. Man, oh man.

    Already about half way to last year's roster total less than two weeks into the season. Will surpass it once Barney plays tomorrow.

  2. Way to give away a game! Man it's going to be a long season. Still, I'm a Cubs fan so I'll keep watching. Good grief!