Thursday, April 18, 2013

Too Good of a Deal!

......continuing my discussion of the Venezuelan version of the 2013 Heritage cards...

At $3 or $4 a pop, the Barney Venezuelans were a good deal...too good to pass up.

So far, seven have been sold on Ebay.

And five of the seven?  Well... I said, too good a deal to pass up!  It's not a very rational thing to do, but I kinda got caught up with Venezuelan fever.  Once I started buying, I couldn't stop.  And I couldn't let these go for such a low price.  So I started hoarding.

If only 64 of these are out there, then I'm sitting on 8% of the run.  In twenty years, when Darwin Barney is elected into the Hall of Fame, I'm sitting on a gold mine!

And if things turn out differently?  I can sell them for 18¢ apiece on Sportlots!

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  1. Paul- I like your approach and sense of humor about the possibilities too..