Thursday, November 14, 2013

2013 Chrome Update Cubs Set

This year Topps put out a 55-card update to the the Chrome set.  The cards are available only in this...

..the Mega Box.  Available only via retail, the $14.99 box comes with five packs of Update and two packs of Chrome Update.

All of the Chrome Update cards are based on the regular Update cards.  If you remember, there were 14 Cubs cards in the Update set, meaning we should have a few Chrome Update Cubs, right?


We didn't get a few Chrome Update Cubs.

We didn't get a couple Chrome Update Cubs.

Here's a look at the Cubs cards in the Chrome Update set:

We didn't get a single Cub among the 55 Chrome Update cards.

But that's pretty much in keeping with how the base Chrome set treated the Cubs.  The 220-card set had only three Cubs on the checklist.  That leaves the 2013 Chrome Cubs total at 3 out of 275 cards...1.09% of the possible cards.

If divided evenly, each team should have nine cards.

The Cubs were left six short.

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  1. I think Topps Chrome Update is a good sleeper product but I was disappointed there was not a Junior Lake. For Lake to have only one official rookie card is sad.