Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Found Another Cherished Teddy

Welcome to Wrigley Figurines, Home of Cubs Cute Stuff.

No cardboard today...it's another cute Cubby.

Turns out that the Cubs gave away one more of the Cherished Teddies.  This time it was of a ballplayer, it was a ballpark.  The Cubs celebrated the 90th birthday of Wrigley Field in 2004.  Among the giveaways was this figurine...

....which was given to the first 10,000 females 14 and older on August 29.  The name of the bear is Clark Addison.  For the non Cub fans, Clark and Addison are the cross streets to the main entrance of Wrigley Field.  Cute, huh?

It looks like the uniform is modeled after the Cubs...

...1913 home uniform.  I'm not sure I understand the reason for a 1913 uni, since the ballpark opened in 1914 and the Cubs first season there was 1916.  Here's what those two uniforms...

....looked like.

I've double-checked the promotion schedule for the next few years after 2004 and found no more Teddies...so this is it....I promise.

Back to cardboard tomorrow!

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