Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Travis Wood All Star Card That Topps Forgot

The Update set included special All Star game cards for 60 players.

But there were 78 players named to the two squads, leaving 18 players without an All Star card.

The Cubs had only one player named to the team, and it was one of those charity picks---you have to have a player from each team.  Travis Wood was that pick.  His win-lose record wasn't too hot (6-6) but he went into the break with an ERA of 2.79.

Topps must not like charity picks because Wood was one of the 18 All Stars getting the Update Card snub.

I unsnubbed Wood.

And if you want to do any unsnubbing yourself, here's a list of the 18 All Stars without an All Star card:

Everth Cabrera
Jason Castro
Brett Cecil
Jesse Crain
Nelson Cruz
Steve Delabar
Freddie Freeman
Greg Holland
Jeff Locke
Brian McCann
Mark Melancon
Edward Mujica
Jhonny Peralta
Sergio Romo
Chris Tillman
Travis Wood
Jordan Zimmermann


  1. Blame the photographers, at least for Wood. There isn't a single photo on Getty Images (the source Topps uses) of Travis Wood at the All-Star game. The photo I used for my custom card came from the Cubs blog, Vine Line. And it was from when Wood was told of his selection and presented a jersey before a regular Cubs game. Maybe if he had gotten into the game...

  2. I saw that pic at Getty and almost used it for mine until I saw your card You'd think that Topps could say to Getty....Make sure you get a decent shot of each player. Or since the game was in their own backyard, Topps could have sent over their own photographer.

  3. Why put any of those players in the set???? We all know how important it is to have 3 Puig cards!

    (sarcasm off)