Friday, November 1, 2013

"All" of the Update 2013 Cubs Inserts

The 2013 Update set was full of insert sets including 1971 Topps minis (50 cards), Chasing History (50 cards), Franchise Forerunners (10 cards), Making Their Mark (25 cards), and Postseason Heroes (20 cards). That is a total of 155 cards.

And how many of the 155 featured a Cub?


A stinking, lousy ONE card!


And Topps couldn't even get a little creative--Rizzo already had a Chasing History card... Series Two.

If you too would like to put together a complete set of Cubs Update inserts, grab yourself two dimes and head over to Sportlots.


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  1. Did you get this Bazooka mini Almora?