Tuesday, March 18, 2014

1969 Stamps...Where Did They Come From

On Saturday I showed the 1969 Cubs Stamp Album.  I'm happy to have another piece of the Cubs of '69.

One thing I did notice about the pictures on the stamps is that several were kinda familiar looking.  I guess that makes sense.  In 1968 Topps and the MLBPA were in a bit of a battle as the player's new leader Marvin Miller was playing hardball.  They weren't letting Topps take new pictures without a better deal. That's why you see so many repeated pictures in the 1969 set, especially the early series.  By the spring of 1969 things were worked out and you see many more new pictures in the later series.

But the stamps for the Album set must have been made pretty early in the year because there were repeated pictures on three and near-repeats on two more.




The next two aren't the same picture, but pretty close.



The rest of the boys got original pictures.  As you go through them, look very carefully at Billy Williams' stamp.



Look again at the Williams stamp.  Anything seem odd?


Look again at these two side by side and you should spot it.

Doesn't it look like the left handed hitting Billy is batting right handed in the stamp?

It could be that he's following though on his swing like on the '69 card, but the bat on the stamp isn't in the right position for a follow-through shot.  Was Billy pulling a fast one on the Topps photographer?

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