Saturday, March 29, 2014

2014 Topps Stickers Cubs

Heritage is released each March and its a big deal.  You can read about it on almost every baseball card blog.

Opening Day comes out a couple weeks later and the reaction to it isn't quite the same as what Heritage gets, but there is some reaction.

Topps Stickers comes out about the same time and it creates barely a ripple. Topps brought Stickers back in 2011 and each year since they've put out a set.  The set's been out a couple weeks and a checklist has still not made it to Baseballcardpedia.

As in the past, there are nine players from each team.  The nine fit on pages for each team.  I always get the stickers but skip the album page.


Two Cubs of the past are among the nine, and Topps used their usual two, Ernie Banks and Ryne Sandberg.  The old Cubs logo on Banks' card is nice.  The one on Sandberg's is lame...the logo used in 1984 is the same as the one they use today...and the one used on the stickers for today's players.

The other seven players didn't bring any surprises.


Five of the seven players have cards in Series One (all but Castro and Wood).  Like I said, no surprises here.


  1. I'm probably giving Topps too much credit, but maybe they wanted to distiniguish Sandberg from the active players with a different logo, but the active logo is in fact, still the same. Using the "hat logo" red C fixes that and I don't mind.

    P.S. 4 years of 9 stickers sounds like a perfect 6x6 tile and there's a Tuesday right around the corner. Hint hint.

    1. Different logos for the retired guys makes sense...until you see the sticker for Greg Maddux or Roberto Clemente....which use the same logo as on the active players.

    2. Touché, but that's why I prefaced it with I'm probably giving Topps too much credit, haha.

      And I just noticed the Santo patch on Barney's sleeve. Nice job, Topps.

    3. I've got a post on the Barney picture scheduled for Wednesday...Happy 2011!