Thursday, March 27, 2014

Barney Rainbow Adds Two More

With the arrival of Opening Day, I have added two more cards to my 2014 Topps Darwin Barney Rainbow.

The base Opening Day card is identical to the flagship card except for the OD logo.  

The blue parallel set is /2014.  It is also stamped "March 30, 2014, which is Opening Day for a few team, but not the Cubs.  Their opener is on March 31.  Details, details!

The rainbow is now up to 16 cards, though I'm still waiting for another clear card to show up.

Top row: Base, blank back, no foil, Opening day
Second Row: Power Player, pink, black, camo
Third Row: Gold, Red Foil, red, blue
Bottom Row: green, purple, yellow, Opening Day blue


  1. You've got a pretty nice rainbow going there.

  2. Do they all have the same backs?

    1. Yes....except for the blank back, which has a......blank back ;)