Thursday, March 20, 2014

Heritage 2014 Cubs Have Arrived!

Brentandbecca was super-quick with my Heritage order and yesterday my order arrived. Yea!

Do I need to say much about Heritage?

Didn't think so.

I do like the '65 design, so this is good stuff!

My order included 15 cards from the base set and the one short print Cubs.

Let's get right to the cards...

My guy Darwin Barney...

Was Topps thinking that Castro was going to be traded, so they took a hatless shot?

Kyuji Fujikawa, recovering from elbow surgery

Ex-Cub Kevin Gregg, saved 33 games last season and not one team called

Edwin Jackson...$11 million last season for an 8-18 record

Junior Lake...showed some potential last year...we'll see.

Anthony Rizzo (the only short-print Cub)...please get above .233 this year!

Justin Ruggiano....2014's Nate Schierholtz??

Chris Rusin...lefty with some potential

Jeff Samardzija...he could be a free agent after the season...will Theo sign him or flip him?

Nate Schierholtz...last year's Nate Schierholtz

The Cubs lone All Star, Travis Wood

Zach Rosscup....had a ten game cup of coffee with the team last year

Logan Watkins...hit .211 in 27 games last fall

Samardzija was fourth in the league in strikeouts but got on the leader card.  Anyone got an idea why Topps skipped over #3 Adam Wainwright?

So there you go, all the 2014 Heritage Cubs.


  1. Topps probably skipped wainwright because he lacks a beautiful flowing mane of hair and a jaunty smirk.

  2. Gee, I wonder how the Cubs managed to lose 96 games last year. Oy, veh!

  3. "Nate Schierholtz...last year's Nate Schierholtz"

    Beautiful. I'm hoping Ruggiano is this year's Schierholtz!