Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2014 Diamond King and All the Diamond Kings

It was a smart move by Panini to include the Donruss Diamond Kings in their 2014.

The mistake was not mimicking the style of the earlier Diamond Kings.  Just because it says Diamond Kings doesn't make it a Diamond King.

Here are all my Diamond King Cubs.  Diamond Kings are supposed to have painted portraits on them.  I suppose that Dick Perez is out of their price range now, but they could have tried to make the cards look like Diamond Kings.  Instead, the card looks like a '54 Topps....without the logos.


  1. Rizzo a diamond king after last season?

  2. Ivan DeJesus was the Cubs Diamond King in the '82 set and he was coming off a batting average of .194 in 1981.....Rizzo is a stud compared to that!

  3. I love the DKs through 1990. 1991 was when it started to go down for me, when the style changed, and then when they began employing artists other that Dick Perez? No. Just no. Perez is the only DK artist in my book, and the 1982-1990 style was the best.