Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Two More For the Barney Rainbow

I've added two more cards to my 2014 Darwin Barney rainbow.

This is the pink version.  I was able to nab one of the two that have been listed.  The pinks are /50...mine is 33/50.

This is the other addition.  It looks like the regular card...

...until you turn it over.  Its the Topps Vault 1/1 blank back card.  I know these are just a money making gimmick by Topps, but I was able to get the card for the minimum $9.95 bid.  Ten bucks for a 1/1 is a good deal, even if its a bit of a contrived 1/1.

My rainbow total now stands at thirteen cards.  I'm still missing the /10 clear card....and I've pretty much given up getting one.  Instead, my next targets will be the Opening Day version (assuming he makes the set), any Opening Day parallels, and the Factory Team set card.  Both of those should be out within the next month or so.

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