Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Complete Cubs Team Set From Turkey Red 2014

Available only at Topps.com, the 2014 release of Turkey Red was offered up last week and sold out quickly.  There are 100 cards in the set.

I was able to finish up the Cubs team set very easily.  Take a look.

Yup, the team set consists of one whole card.

With 100 cards in the set, simple division says that there should be three Cubs.  But nope, only one was included.

I suppose its just as well.  Turkey Red is getting stale.

Look at how boring the card is.  A red border, a smaller black border, a picture, and the players last name.  Wow...I bet that took ten minutes to come up with.

And with the pictures, its like they're not even trying any more to come up with the original Turkey Red look.

Here is a look at all of the years of Turkey Red including the original 1911 version.

Perhaps a better name for the brand would be just plain Turkey.

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