Monday, March 17, 2014

Heritage 2014 Logo Variation....I FIxed It For You, Topps

One of the SP gimmicks in this year's Heritage set is cards with logo variations.  This isn't the first time that Topps has done this.


Here are Sammy's cards from 2003.

Moises Alou got the 'ol switch-a-roo in 2004.

With both of these cards, the logo Topps made the switch with...


...was the logo used on the original cards.  Makes sense.

Now flash ahead to 2014.  Here are Anthony Rizzo's base card and variation card.


The logo they used for the variation...what is that?  When do you ever see the Cubs use a plain C as a logo?  Never.  And if that is what Topps used on the original 1965 cards, then I could live with it.

But no.

So why not use the same logo as the '65 cards?

Much better.


  1. Yeah! That's what I was saying! A plain C? Sometimes I wonder if Topps would smarten up and hire and baseball card adviser to represent each team. Mr. Wax, I would nominate you!

  2. I'd even do it for free....just want the cards to be done right.