Friday, March 14, 2014

Ryne Sandberg...Power Plus

The 2014 Donruss set has several insert sets and most were Cub-less.  Elite Series, Elite Dominator, Hall Worthy, No No's, Studio, and Team MVPs didn't include a single Cub.  Anthony Rizzo is in the Breakout Hitters set, but I haven't got that card yet (though one is on the way).

The only other insert is Power Plus, and the good folks at Panini saw fit to include...

....Ryne Sandberg in the set. I don't believe that there was a Power Plus set in any of the earlier incarnations of Donruss (Fleer had one), but the card certainly has an 80's/90's look to it.  I kinda like it.

I'd kinda like it more if it had logos.


  1. The border reminds me of the 1985 Action All-Stars.

  2. That's a challenge to you to add the logos.