Thursday, May 8, 2014

2014 Cubs Scorecard

My scorecard collection has grown by one as I have added a card from this season.

The card is from the Cincinnati series April 18-20. You can see that the Cubs were celebrating the 1910's during this home stand and the players on the card are from the late -teens.

My guess is that the cover is going to change every home stand as the Cubs celebrate another decade.  That's going to make a lot of different covers, far more than when it was just one per season.  I'm half tempted to get one of each, since this is a special season.

Tempted, but not really....too much money.  I may just go with a virtual collection of these and snag some pictures off of Ebay.

As it is, with this card my collection now has 62 cards...1949, 1953-1954, and 1956 - present.



  1. Cool collection, but I am have to stop following you're blog.
    Between this and the media guides you posted recently, you're well on your way to inspiring me to start collecting yet something else that I really don't have space for ;)

  2. If I could steal anything from your collection it would be those top sixteen scorecards.

    1. I agree. The "art" used in them is fantastic.

  3. Now I wish I'd picked up the decades scorecards from earlier homestands this season. I still prefer the old ones with the artwork but it'd be nice to have one from every decade from this season.