Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bowman 2014 Hometown Cubs

Bowman's State and Hometown parallel set has returned again this year.  I've been picking up these parallels since they first came out, so I went ahead and grabbed them again this year.  They're a nice little gimmick and something that you don't see in any other set.  I actually prefer these to the parallels that just change the border color.

The parallels are available for both the current players and the prospects.  That means I had a total of eight of these to pick up.  Most were easy and cheap, all but the Kris Bryant card.  Anything of his seems to be jacked up in price.  I hope it ends up being worth the extra couple bucks I had to pay.

I've made a tile with both the Hometown cards and the base cards so you can see what they look like side by side.

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