Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Billy's HOF Autograph

Can you stand to look at another autograph of Billy Williams?

I can!

I picked up #23 last week and it too has a unique picture on it.

It's another postmarked envelope, this one from July 26, 1987...the day that Billy was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  The two pictures are from different era....the swinging picture looks to be from the mid-late 60's (though I'm a little confused about the red sweatshirt he's wearing under his jersey.  The portrait would be from 1972-1973.

The signature is in pen, but I think alot of signed items from that era were in pen.  Sharpie signatures were still a few years off in the future.

I'm still on the hunt for three more signatures to give me a nice 26 autographs of #26.

1 comment:

  1. I love the Williams cachet -- that's a great envelope. I will say, though, that using a Sharpie for autographs was something that industry publications like Baseball Cards Magazine were suggesting as early as 1983. I know that because I made my mom buy me a couple of Sharpies so I could get autographs after Brewers games in the mid-1980s.

    My guess for this one is that the Sharpie would have bled through the envelope and made it less attractive. So, the pen was the way to go here.