Saturday, May 10, 2014

Double Beef

Thanks to Panini, I was able to get a double helping of some Beef Welington.

This is from Panini's 2012 National Treasures Signature Materials insert set.  I got both a jersey piece and an autograph in one convenient but logoless card.  Topps hasn't put out any certified autos of the Cubs catcher, so I settled for Panini's version.

The best part?  The card set me back a whole dollar and four pennies.  With that, I can cross Welington Castillo off of both my autograph and relic checklist.


  1. Can't argue with the price. The Cubs' troubles are your gain.

  2. I don't see a sticker in your scan. Is that autograph actually on the card? Good pickup.

  3. That has to be a blue patch, but it sure does look purple on my screen. Great score for a little more than a buck!