Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2014 Darwin Barney OYO Toysports Figure

Since I already have the 2012 and 2013 versions of Darwin Barney's OYO figure, when I saw that a 2014 model was available, I picked one up.

I shouldn't have.

Here's the 2012 version, with Barney in a home uniform.

Last year they shifted him into a blue alternate uniform.

This year I figured they'd use the gray road uniform, the only uniform that hadn't been used.

Nope, it was back to the blue alternate.  They did make one difference, though.


Last year's version is on the left.  Look just below his neck, and you see a white shirt under the jersey.  This year's figure is on the right and that little white part is now blue.  They also added a white Cubs hat because the Cubs now have a white alternate hat.....NO THEY DON'T!... I have no idea why a white hat was included.

Kinda strange looking, isn't it.  I wonder if they made white hats for all the teams?

Finally, here is my Barney mini-army.

My guess is that this will be it for the Barney OYO collection.  Repeating the same figure, making up things that don't exist...who does OYO think that they are, Topps?

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  1. I'd probably pick up the whole team and the stadium if the price point was about half what it is. I missed the Lego phase as a kid so while its kind of cool, I don't feel compelled to pick them up.

    Still jealous though!