Wednesday, April 17, 2019

1988 Panini Stickers Cubs

Panini's first sticker set came out in 1988, joining a field with at least three other sticker products, Topps, Fleer, and Red Foley.  The junk wax era was in full swing and I guess junk stickies were a thing, too.

They didn't start small, but entered with a bang.  The set's checklist includes 480 different stickers.  There are 312 players.  Many of the rest of the stickers are team-related.  Each team gets two in-action stickers, plus a uniform, logo, and pennant sticker.  There are also stickers for All Stars, the playoffs and the World Series.

All of the stickers could be put into this book (stickers sold separately).

The design is pretty basic, but at least there are logos.  The stickers have an odd measurement, 1⅞" x 2 11/16". 

The Cubs have a total of 19 different stickers.


Here are the team stickers - logo, uniform, pennant, and In-Action

The Cubs also had a couple of All-Stars.

And finally, the players...







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  1. Don't think I owned any of these back in 1988. Stopped by the sticker albums sometime around 1984 and started focusing solely on cards. That just means that I get to appreciate them now as a collector in his 40's. I like the uniform stickers and the player stickers... but my favorite is the in-action. I'm off to COMC to see who's featured on the A's and Padres in-action stickers.