Monday, April 29, 2019

Utz Cubs

Its nice to see Topps back with a retail partnership.  The last that I can recall was the 2016 partnership with Walmart's Marketside pizza.  This time their partner is the snack-maker, Utz.  As a midwest boy, I am not familiar with the east-coast Utz.  There was also no way for me to get the cards in Utz products.  I instead relied on Ebay.

The Topps / Utz set features 100 cards  You get four cards with each Utz purchase, so you would need to eat a lot of potato chips to complete the set.  The design is identical to the 2019 Topps flagship, with the addition of the Utz logo.  The only difference on the backs is the numbering.

The Cubs scored six players among the 100.  I was able to find all six on Ebay

All six are from Series One.  I wonder if there will be a second series of  Utz when Topps series two comes out?

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  1. Oh, a second series of Utz. I hadn't thought of that!