Wednesday, April 3, 2019

2019 Gypsy Queen Cubs

The 2019 version of Gypsy Queen is out and I've got all of the Cubs cards.  The 320 player set includes eleven Cubs.

I'll start with the most puzzling choice for inclusion.

The Cubs signed Arcia in their quest to find a back-up for Willson Contreras.  Arcia was with the Angels last year and hit .204.  For the Cubs this spring he hit even worse, just .133.  Victor Caratini won the back-up job and Arcia is in AAA, not even on the Cubs 40 man roster.

The rest of the Cubs are the usuals...



  1. Guess Topps is getting desperate for the token rookie this year. Although, I think the chances are pretty good that Arcia will get a cuppacoffee come September. Still, quite odd indeed.

  2. Disappointed with the GQ card stock this year. To thin, glossy and bendable