Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Replacing Photobucket

I have my entire Cubs card collection scanned.  The scans sit on my hard drive.  I also back them up on Mrs. WW's computer.  And in case the house blows up and both computers are destroyed, I have another copy on Photobucket.

I've been using Photobucket since 2012.  You  can read my first post on the topic here.  My Photobucket albums are here  It's been super easy to upload the files.  They are stored the same way as on my computer... a folder for each brand and subfolders inside of those for each year.

But as you can tell by the post's title, I'm replacing Photobucket.  Take a look at the reason why...

The free version of Photobucket has been severely limited.  You now get just 2.5 GB or 250 images.  My 16,428 are just a bit over the limit.

I did some searching and found the best free replacement is Shutterfly.   It won out over the others because of unlimited storage and the ability to create folders within folders.  I wanted to have a folder for each brand and folders with the brand folder for each year. I couldn't do that with Google Photos and Flickr.

Finding the replacement site was the easy part.  Uploading 16,000 scans was the hard part.  I was happy to find that Shutterfly made that job fairly simple.  I could upload an entire folder at once.

It still took a while, and it got a little tedious too.  But after a few evenings,

I finished!

The only downside to Shutterly that I've run into is that there doesn't seem to be a way to make my folders public.  Sorry, but all this work seems to be for my eyes only.


  1. I loved Photobucket back in the day. I still probably have a ton of photos stored over there. I had planned on using again in the future when I had time to scan my trade bait. Guess I won't be using it anymore, since 250 photos doesn't get me very far.

  2. Take a look at what I'm doing with the Cardboard History Gallery: https://public.fotki.com/CardboardHistory/
    Fotki is not free but it provides everything I could ever want. You can even put videos and files into albums.
    I have 135,865 images right now and room for more on the $24 a year plan. I started uploading on this account in October 2018. I've kicked off uploads of over 2000 images at once as well.

    I have used the Fotki platform since 2004...the only problem was when Hurricane Sandy flooded one of their servers in NYC. Other than that, I've been 100% happy in that entire time. They also tell you which albums get the most views, resetting at midnight each day. Also tells you how many times each photo, or scan, has been viewed, which is cumulative unless you reset it.

    Here is the direct link to the Chicago Cubs: https://public.fotki.com/CardboardHistory/baseball/baseball-by-team/chicago-cubs/
    I do have more that have not been scanned yet, eventually they will get posted...but I'm a basketball/hockey/auto racing guy, and they are the majority of my collection.

  3. Good to know. I have all but abandoned Photobucket because of a few years back when they limited the sharing of your images on 3rd party boards (like trading card forums and on Ebay listings). in recent months they started allowing the 3rd party sharing. Still You get used to using one program/platform and then they usually do one of 3 things: Sell out to another company that then deletes the service, discontinue the free service and make it pay only or they abandon the platform altogether without offering any alternate.