Saturday, April 20, 2019

1991 Panini Stickers Cubs

Look at that -- Ryno made the cover of the 1991 Panini Album! That's the good news.

The bad?  

Major shrinkage.  The set was smaller (only 271 stickers) and the stickers themselves were smaller too.  They measured in at 1½" x 2 9/16".

The set was also for only those with good eyesight, because the front of the sticker had player stats added.  Yes, stats were added to their smallest sticker, making them very difficult to read (at least for my old eyes..

The foils stickers remained.  But the pennant stickers were doubled up, so the Cubs had to share with the Cardinals.

Eight players made the checklist, including three future Hall of Famers.





  1. There some "Hall of Very Good" players there, too, with Grace and Dunston, and Girardi could make a case if there was a manager HOF, if anything surviving life as a Yankees manager for so long!