Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Stickers From When Panini Did It Right

I don't think much of Panini.

They put out baseball sets, but without an MLB license, the cards do not look good.  I'll never be able to see logoless cards in a positive light.  They just seem wrong.

It wasn't always that way for Panini, though.  Long before they bought the Donruss name, they put out a licensed baseball product.  From 1988 through 1996, Panini issued sticker sets.

Over the next few weeks  I be posting the Cubs stickers from each of those years.  Today I'll give you a preview look at a sticker from each of their nine releases.

1988 - their initial set, with sticker measuring 1⅞" x 2 11/16"

1989 - stickers are the same size

1990 - the sticker have a growth spurt and are now 2⅛" x 3"

1991 - Major shrinkage, as they now measure 1½" x 2 9/16"

1992 - They are back to the 1990 size of 2⅛" x 3"

1993 - Almost full sized at 2⅜" x 3⅜".  Couldn't they have squeezed in that last ⅛??

1994 - Same size at '93

1995 - They shrunk again, to 1 15/16" x 3"

1996 -  The final set, the stickers got a little wider, at 2⅛" x 3"

Panini didn't like being consistent with the sticker size, did they?  There are six different sizes over the nine sets.  But at least they have logos!

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  1. I really like the 1993 sticker design. Not sure if I have any of those sitting in my collection. The 1995 design is cool too. It reminds me of one of those Score Young Superstars cards from the late 80's.