Thursday, April 18, 2019

1989 Panini Sticker Cubs

Panini followed up their 1988 sticker debut with an almost identical product in 1989.  The set has the same number of stickers, 480.  The stickers are the same size.

An album was available to put all the stickers onto pages. There were stickers for the World Series and playoffs, All Star stickers, and logo/pennant stickers.  I'll start with the non-player stickers

The Wrigley stickers prominently feature the lights, which were new in 1988.


The Cubs again had two All Stars, Dawson and Sandberg.







The Dascenzo and Harkey stickers have a different design than all the others.  Is that for rookies?


  1. My guess is that those variations are for the Rookies, given the context of their appearance versus veterans.

  2. Surprised they went with Canseco on the cover and not Gibson.

  3. I think the cover gives away their thinking being the first 40-40 man. Gibson had the World Series moment, but even Hershiser was more notable on the Dodgers in 88 with his scoreless streak than Gibson.