Wednesday, May 20, 2020

1976 Buckmans Cubs Discs

...another of the 1976 MSA disc sets...

MSA was based in New York City and it seems like they marketed their disc sets to several New York establishments.  Today's set is one of them.

Buckman's was a one-store company.  There were no franchises or other locations.  The store was located at 2576 W. Ridge Road in Rochester.  The dairy started there in 1911 and in the 1930s a retail store was opened.

The store started out with a little building attached to the dairy's barn.  Over the years the store grew larger. Other store fronts were added later to create a strip mall. 

But the large barn in the back was still visible.  The farm and store changed hands over the years since it was started by Homer Buckman in 1911.  Eventually the land and business had separate owners.

In 2005 the owners of the land announced a deal with Walgreens.  The drug store chain signed a 25 year lease on the land and would construct a store.  Buckmans was out and the store and barn would be demolished.

The business owner had plans to open in a new location, but that never happened.  The nearly century-old business was gone for good.

While Buckman's had a run of nearly 100 years on the site, Walgreens lasted barely ten.  The store is now closed and the building is for lease.

The Buckman discs had the generic 1976 design with the five stars across the top.  As with most of the sets, there were five Cubs.


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  1. Great history lesson. Shame the owner never reopened the store somewhere else. At least the store's legacy lives on with these cards.