Friday, May 15, 2020

1976 Crane's Cubs Discs

...back with another of the 1976 discs, the Crane Potato Chip set.

Crane was based in Decatur, Illinois.  Decatur is a little less than three hours south of Chicago, but I don't ever remember seeing Crane chips in Chicagoland stores.  Jay's was the dominant brand.

The Crane discs have the brand name on the front, replacing the four stars seen on most of the 1976 discs.  I wonder if they had to pay MSA more to do that?

You may notice that I have only four discs instead of the five I have with the other 1976 sets.  Andy Thornton is missing.

The Cubs traded him to the Expos on May 17, 1976.  

MSA was on the ball, and have him with the Expos.  Shops any of the usual on-line sources and you can pretty easily find the Expos disc.

But there is also a Cubs version.  This one is not easy to find.  I have yet to see one anywhere.  I've added the disc to my most-wanted list.   I'll have to wait patiently for one to pop up somewhere,

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  1. If you've never even seen one, I wonder what percentage of the Thorntons are Cubs versions. Best of luck on tracking one down.