Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Already A Change to My MSA Master List

I've mentioned my frustration in trying to compile a master list of all the different MSA discs.  There is no definitive source as the Standard Catalog and Trading Card Database don't match one another.

A recent arrival caused me to reconsider my list and I've now readjusted it to 92 different issues instead of 93.  Here's what's up:

The Standard Catalog has a 1981 MSA issue listed at Peter Pan / Sunbeam Bakery Discs.  The discs came in loaves of Sunbeam bread.  Oddly, though, the backs are blank so there is no mention anywhere of the sponsors. One Cub was on the checklist and that disc came yesterday.

It's Bill Buckner!  While on the blog the disc may look like all the other MSA discs from that era, it isn't.  And as soon as I saw it I had one of those head smacking moments.

See what's different?  MSA didn't issue any discs in 1980 and when they returned in 1981, there was a major change.  Shrinkage.  The discs got smaller.  And that's when I knew that I had an extra set on my list that needed to be removed.

A search for 1981 discs yields two disc results, but no Peter Pan / Sunbeam listing.

The catalog lists MSA/Peter Pan Sunbeam Bakery, but no MSA Mini.

So what gives?

They are both referring to the same set.  To someone with minimal hobby knowledge (like me), the discs are smaller than previous ones - mini.  They are MSA. There is no mention anywhere of any sponsor.  Calling them MSA Minis in the TCDB makes perfect sense.

Those with 1980s knowledge knew that these came in loaves of Sunbeam bread.  That's what went in the Standard Catalog.

When I made my list I included the 1981 MSA Mini set listed in the TCDB and the Peter Pan / Sunbeam set listed in the Standard Catalog.  I now know that they are one in the same.  

That means there are 92 MSA brands (at least for now!) and 137 Cubs.  Unfortunately I picked up both a mini and Sunbeam (which means I have two from the same issue), so I'm still missing 21 discs.

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  1. Very cool. I like mini doughnuts. I like mini bagels. And I like 1975 Topps minis. So it only makes sense for me to like these mini MSA's as well.