Thursday, May 21, 2020

A Look at All the Living Set Cubs

I thought I'd take a quick look at all of the Cubs in the Living Set.  Nico Hoerner's card was the eleventh Cub in the set.

We've got two retired players and nice active Cubs.  All nine are still a part of the Cubs organization.  
And who should we still get in the future?
Three big names stand out - Jon Lester, Willson Contreras, and Kyle Schwarber.
And if retired guys get added, how about Billy Williams, Ron Santo, and Fergie Jenkins.

Here are the stats on all the cards:

5Ian HappMarch 21, 2018Print run - 3,042
30Brandon Morrow  May 16, 2018Print run - 5,585
64Ryne SandbergAugust 8, 2018Print run - 7,212
67Anthony RizzoAugust 15, 2018Print run - 5,568
83David BoteSeptember 19, 2018  Print run - 5,345
103  Javier BaezNovember 7, 2018Print run - 4,499
127Kris BryantJanuary 2, 2019Print run - 5,361
210Jason HeywardJuly 10, 2019Print run - 2,573
217Ernie BanksJuly 31, 2019Print run - 5,406
266Kyle HendricksDecember 4, 2019Print run - 2,074
310Nico HoernerMay 6, 2020Print run - 3,523


  1. I think it speaks volumes about how the interest has waned in this set when one considers Brandon Morrow has the second largest print run of the eleven.

  2. I think it's cool that all 9 of the active players are still with the team. That says something about the stability of the Cubs franchise. I don't actively collect the A's, but I'd be scared to check how many of them are still with the team.