Tuesday, May 5, 2020

1977 Holiday Inn Cubs Discs

Last week I showed the 2007 cards given away by Holiday Inn.  That wasn't their first time with baseball cards.  Thirty years earlier they partnered with MSA and issued a set of 70 discs.   The discs were given away when you bought a children's meal a the inn's restaurant.  We often stayed at Holiday Inn on vacation when I was a kid and ate at the restaurant too.  If they gave these away a few years earlier I may have gotten one, but by 1977 I was 16 and our family vacation days were over.

Two Cubs were included...

... the newly acquired Bobby Murcer and the fading Jose Cardenal.

I wonder what Holiday Inn has in store for use in 2037?


  1. Not sure I've ever stayed at the Holiday Inn (I'm guessing I have), but I'd definitely think about using them if I was considering a trip (after this whole lockdown ends).

    1. Oops... I didn't finish my thought. If they offered special cards.