Friday, May 29, 2020

...And the List Keeps Changing

Remember how I dropped the MSA disc list from 93 sets to 92?

Well, the list keeps changing.  I have a feeling that it will continue to do that for a while.

It's now back to 93 sets. The latest addition is from 1981, which, ironically, was the year from which I took away one.

MSA had sample discs with this stamped on the back.  When I saw the listing in the Standard Catalog index, I assumed it was for the "Mini" set referred to on the Trading Card Database.  Yesterday I actually read the catalog article and saw that there were these samples.  The catalog lists the same 32-disc checklist as the blank-backed Peter Pan /Sunbeam discs.

That means I've not only added another set to the list, but that I have another Cub disc to get, since Bill Buckner is in the set.  An Ebay search for "1981 MSA Sample" brings up just eight listings, and Billy Buck isn't one of them.  Rats!

While I'm talking about the list, let me go over another item, squares.

Several of the sets from 1988 - 1990 also have square proof versions out there.  I'm not ready to add them to my master list yet.  The aren't listed separately in the Standard Catalog,Trading Card Database, or in the PSA master lists.  If they aren't listing them, I won't either.


  1. Some of the 90's Discs had separately issued collector edition sheets that some dealers have cut up, others are just uncut sheets that were squared. I hate when they use the word "proof".

    1. Well said. There are no "proofs", just bits of cut-up posters. I covered a bunch of them a few years ago on my blog.

  2. Would this be a Cubs card?