Tuesday, May 26, 2020

My MSA Master Cubs List

On Saturday I posted a list of the 93 MSA disc sets that I've found.  Today I'll go a bit further and show you all of the Cubs on the list.  There are a total of 138 Cubs.  I'm missing 21 of them and they are in bold.  Anyone got any spares their looking to get rid of??

1975MSA TestNo Cubs
1976BlankCardenal, Madlock, Monday, Morales, Thornton
1976BuckmanCardenal, Madlock, Monday, Morales, Thornton
1976CarouselCardenal, Madlock, Monday, Morales, Thornton
1976CraneCardenal, Madlock, Monday, Morales, Thornton
1976  Dairy IsleCardenal, Madlock, Monday, Morales, Thornton
1976Isaly'sCardenal, Madlock, Monday, Morales, Thornton
1976OrbakersCardenal, Madlock, Monday, Morales, Thornton
1976Red BarnCardenal, Madlock, Monday, Morales, Thornton
1976SafelonCardenal, Madlock, Monday, Morales, Thornton
1976Towne ClubCardenal, Madlock, Monday, Morales, Thornton
1977Burger ChefBonham, Buckner, Burris, Cardenal, Madlock, Morales, Reuschel, Trillo, Wallis
1977Chilly WilleeCardenal, Murcer
1977Dairy IsleCardenal, Murcer
1977Detroit CaesarsCardenal, Murcer
1977Holiday InnCardenal, Murcer
1977MSA CustomizedCardenal, Murcer
1977Pepsi GloveTrillo
1977SagaCardenal, Murcer
1977Wendy'sCardenal, Murcer
1977Zip'zCardenal, Murcer
1978Big T / Tastee FreezKingman
1978Papa Gino'sNo Cubs
1978WiffleBuckner, Burris, Trillo
1979WiffleBuckner, Burris, Cardenal, Kingman, Trillo
1981MSA MiniBuckner
1981Peter Pan / Sunbeam BreadBuckner
1982On Deck CookiesBuckner
1983Roy Rogers YankeesNo Cubs
1985Cain'sNo Cubs
1985Jox Thom McAnSandberg, Sutcliffe
1985KASSandberg, Sutcliffe
1985Kitty CloverSandberg, Sutcliffe
1985Subway (blank back)Sandberg, Sutcliffe
1986CainsNo Cubs
1986Jay'sDavid, Dernier, Dunston, Moreland, Sandberg, Smith, Sutcliffe
1986Jiffy PopSandberg
1986KASNo Cubs
1986Kitty CloverNo Cubs
1987Cain'sNo Cubs
1987Jiffy PopSandberg
1987Key FoodNo Cubs
1987Our Own TeaNo Cubs
1987Super StarsNo Cubs
1987Weis WinnersNo Cubs
1988Master BreadNo Cubs
1988Fantastic Sam'sDawson
1988Hostess Potato ChipsNo Cubs
1988Jiffy PopDawson
1988Key FoodsNo Cubs
1988King BDawson
1988Our Own TeaNo Cubs
1988Super StarsNo Cubs
1988Tetley TeaNo Cubs
1988Weis WinnersNo Cubs
1989Bimbo CookiesNo Cubs
1989Holsum SchaferGrace
1989Key FoodDawson
1989King BSandberg
1989Master BreadNo Cubs
1989Our Own TeaDawson
1989Rainier FarmsGrace
1989Super StarsDawson
1989TaysteeNo Cubs
1989Tetley TeaDawson
1989Weis WinnersDawson
1990King BWalton
1990MSA Super StarsSandberg
1990Tetley TeaSandberg
1991King BSandberg
1992Ben's Super HittersSandberg
1992Coke HardeesDawson
1992King BSandberg
1993Ben's Super PitchersMyers
1993King BSandberg
1994Innovative ConfectionsNo Cubs
1994King BSandberg
1995King BNo Cubs
1996King BNo Cubs
1996Schwebel's StarsNo Cubs
1997King BSandberg
1998King BNo Cubs
1999King BMorandini
2000King BGrace
2001King BNo Cubs
2001King B LegendsBanks, Dawson, Kingman
2002King BAlou


  1. Your MSA posts have been awesome. It inspired me to go out and purchase the 1976 Isaly set. I can't wait for it to arrive, so I can sit down and flip through them.

  2. Replies
    1. They weren't very good at updating their checklists.