Thursday, May 28, 2020

How Tough Are the Missing Discs

There are 21 MSA Cubs discs that I'm missing.  They come from 11 different sets.  Just how tough will it be for me to get those?

To answer that, I'm going to use Ebay as a gauge.  I will search for any disc from the set.  The more that are available, the easier it should be for me to get the missing Cubs.

1976 Carousel - missing Cardenal, Madlock, Morales, and Thornton.  This is a 70-disc set.  My Ebay search turned up 19 listings.  That means that there are a lot more players not available than just my three Cubs.  This will be tough

1976 Crane - missing Thornton.  I've already written about his one.  I know it will be very difficult because Thornton's Cubs version is much scarcer than the disc that shows him with the Expos.

1976 Red Barn - Missing Madlock, Monday, Thornton.  This one will be even harder than Carousel.  Just 12 listings were found on Ebay for the 70 discs.

1977 Saga - Missing Cardenal.  I found 30 listings, which is far more than the other disc sets, but no Jose.  I'm a bit more hopeful that one will surface.

1979 Wiffle - Missing Buckner, Cardenal, Kingman, Trillo - There are 88 discs in this set and I'm missing four of the five Cubs.  Ebay has 42 different listings, but none of those include my missing four.  Another difficult one.

1981 and 1982 FBI -  Missing Kingman ('81) and Steve Henderson ('82).  This set will be the most difficult.  FBI is not our law enforcement agency.  It's Fanta Beverage, Inc., a Canadian soft drink manufacturer.  The discs were on the bottom of six-pack cartons.  People didn't even know that the discs were there.  The discs also suffered damage caused by the beverage containers.  The are 22 discs in the '81 set and 32 the next year.  Ebay has one listing for the two years.  Yikes!

1985 Thom McAn - Missing Sandberg and Sutcliffe.  This is another one that may take a while.  There are 46 discs in the set and just 13 Ebay listings.

1985 Subway / Blank Back  - Missing Sandberg and Sutcliffe  These are blank backed discs but were given away at Subway shops.  I found just seven available on Ebay.

1989 Key Food - Missing Dawson.  The set has 20 discs and Ebay has five listings.

1989 Our Own Tea - Missing Dawson  This set is identical to the Key Food discs with just the brand name switched.  Six listing are on Ebay including one for Dawson.  The price, though, is $25 and that is a bit too steep for me.

So there you have my missing 21, which will most likely be missing for a while.


  1. Wow, those are some sobering numbers. Good luck!

  2. This is why I don't bother searching out all the Dodgers for these. I'm aware there are a bunch I'll never find. Combine that with most of the fronts looking the same and, welp, there's other stuff I've gotta get!

  3. That Crane back is gorgeous. I gotta go find some...

  4. That Sandberg Subway is tough. I saw one on eBay a couple of months ago mislabeled as a blank back JOX, so it didn't get much attention and bidding was lower then expected. It was the first one I had ever seen on there. Some of the Subway issues seem to be more common than others.

    1. I've been finding that several of the Sandberg discs and cards are tough. I'm assuming there are many Sandberg collectors out there.

  5. I just picked up two Sandberg 1985 Subway discs (very poor ebay listing that fell in my lap). One is staying in my collection, and the other is available for sale. However, I had been away for so long, so I have no idea what to value these at.

    1. Subway discs for comparable players listed on Ebay go for around ten dollars. If that sounds good, email me at paul.kosman at gmail