Saturday, May 2, 2020

2007 Holiday Inn Cubs

I didn't know that Holiday Inn had baseball cards until I saw them in a blogger's post a couple weeks ago (sorry... I don't remember which blog it was).

Holiday Inn gave away cards over the summer of 2007 to Priority Card members. Each night's stay got you a pack of four cards.  That really doesn't sound like much of an incentive.  The set has 60 cards and a Cal Ripken insert set.  There were three base cards and a Ripken insert in each pack.  You'd have to stay a lot of nights to complete the set.

The cards were produced by Upper Deck and have the UD logo on them.  Oddly, there is no mention anywhere on the cards of Holiday Inn; no logo, no special "HI" numbering, no nothing.

The two biggest hitters on the 2007 Cubs team were in the set.

It's a nice design and I assume that they used a green border for Holiday Inn.  But again, odd that the sponsor is not mentioned any where.

The folks at Holiday Inn can thank me now!

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  1. I do like the design to that set. Never seen those before!