Monday, May 4, 2020

One Down, Two to Go

I had a post last Tuesday on the 3D cards that I'm missing from 2003 and 2004 Vintage.  On the very same day as the post, one of the three cards was listed on Ebay.  I got an email that morning from Ebay and a heads up in the comments from reader Jeff.

I pounced on the card immediately!

Upper Deck made one big improvement with their 3D cards compared to the Kelloggs originals.  The Vintage card lays flat and has no cracks!

However, if you look carefully at the pictures on the card, you'll notice a glaring mistake. The background is the Cubs' home, Wrigley Field.  Sammy is wearing road uniform.

Maybe UD was paying homage to Kelloggs showing all the players in the early cards at Shea Stadium, while often wearing their home uniform.

Sure, let's go with that.


  1. Don't care for UD product but love Kelloggs cards. I still have my original '70 Kelloggs cards (including Hundley) but I'm still far from completing the set. I'd never studied whether the player was wearing their home or road uniforms but now I have something new to look for as I continue to attempt to complete the set. Thanks!

  2. The UD Vintage 3D cards are definitely cool... but just can't compare to the 70's and 80's Kelloggs. By the way... the 1970 Kelloggs set is by far my favorite Kelloggs design.