Friday, May 8, 2020

Holes in the 2020 Stickers Checklist

The 2020 Topps stickers left me a bit confused, but thanks to reader Matthew, everything is now clear.

My first confusion was with regards to Javier Baez.  He has a back card, but no sticker front.  It seemed odd that Topps left him off the front, especially since there was....

...this in 2020 Opening Day.  Baez has a sticker front card in the Stickers Preview insert set.  It didn't make any sense that he was previewed, then omitted.

Confusion number two was with the stickers checklist.

This is the Cubs section of the front checklist.  We have four Cubs in a row, #149-152, and there is a hole where #153 belongs.  It would make sense that the Baez front would go there.  It makes no sense that #153 was skipped.

There are holes in three other places as well.

Here is the Astros part of the list and #56 is skipped.  The same thing happens with #205 and #214.

So why were four numbers left off the checklist?

It's because of, as Matthew commented in my Cubs set post, the sticker album.

See that part that I circled?  It says "4 Free Stickers Inside."  Apparently the albums don't have four random stickers.  They all have the same four stickers.  Want to guess which numbers?

There are the numbers missing from the checklist.

Does that mean that the only way to get these four stickers is by buying an album?  I'm thinking that the answer is yes.  I haven't seen the Baez card listed in any of the usual places - Ebay, Sportlots, Beckett, or COMC.

I bought an album and should have it next week.   Then I will have all of the Cubs stickers.  Anyone else looking for a complete set of the stickers or team sets of the Phillies, Astros, or Padres will need to do the same thing.


  1. They did the same thing last year too. I had a Albies in it.

  2. At first, I thought it was going to be some sort of cross-product gimmick... where some of the stickers could only be obtained by opening Opening Day packs. That would have sucked. But the album exclusive stickers are cool.