Wednesday, May 13, 2020

1976 Orbaker's Cubs Discs

Are you getting tired of these yet?

I hope not because I'll have several more sets in the upcoming weeks.  MSA put out at least ten different versions and when my various packages arrive, I'll have eight of the ten wrapped up.

Today's set is the Orbaker's set.

Orbakers is a popular drive in restaurant in Williamson, New York.  They've been around since 1932.  Notice how the font of their sign matches the font on the disc.   I guess they haven't changed much since 1976.

The SCD catalog says the discs were given out by the Orbakers chain.  In searching the internet, I could only find information about this one site..  Were they a chain in the New York area back in the '70s or has it always been just the one outlet?  Any New Yorkers know?

The disc set was the usual 1976 set with five Cubs.

They used the stars on top version, which is identical to the Towne Club discs I showed a couple of days ago.  You'll have to trust me that the backs say Orbakers.

Really, I've got them!


  1. Just by reading the back, I'd say this place is right up my alley!

  2. I've never heard of Orbaker's, but I've only lived in New York City and New Jersey, not upstate New York. (Well, I've lived other places outside of the greater New York area.) It sure is strange to see that little place and think they had their own card set!

  3. I really like the use of pink and purple text on the back. That's so 70's!