Saturday, June 1, 2013

1968 OPC Billy Wiliams...Finally!

I picked up my first Billy Williams OPC card last October.  By Christmas I had all of them...except for one...the 1968 card.

And that card was nowhere to be found.  One did show up one Ebay, but it was in pretty rough shape and it was going for $25.  I resisted the temptation to fill a hole and waited.  The wait was worth it.

One showed up a couple weeks ago and it was in much better condition.  I set the sniper a little higher that I might normally spend because I didn't want to wait another five months.  I won the auction (just barely) and now this....

is mine!

The card is in great shape and it has razor sharp corners.  The back is in nice shape, too...

...though I didn't realize how ugly the OPC backs on the '68s look.  I knew that the OPC version of the back had a different shade of yellow than the Topps card.  I just didn't know how faded it looked.

All this is well and good, but....

As I was looking at the card in the penny sleeve, something seemed off about the card.  Too much of the top of the penny sleeve was visible...or the card was short.

I grabbed a ruler, and sure enough...'s about a 1/16" short.

Now I know why the corners were razor sharp...someone took a razor to the card and trimmed it...I think.

Again, my knowledge of OPC cards is limited.  Where there variances in the size of the cards? Nothing I read in the Standard Catalog mentioned size differences.

Or did I just buy a trimmed card?