Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Couple Disappointing Museum Extras

After picking up a few base museum cards for the player collections, I found a couple more I liked.

 This is the blue version of Ernie Banks' base card.  You can see that its /99.  I wanted the blue version because I thought that the blue would go nicely with the home uniform that Mr. Cub is wearing.  When I got the card I was a little disappointed because the blue of the card is quite small, just the frame filled in.


Here's the base and blue side by side...not the dramatic difference I was hoping for.

The second Museum card I added was this...

....Billy Williams autograph.  Billy didn't make the base set, but he did make it into the autograph set.  It's a nice looking, on card autograph, and I'm happy about that.  Yet I'm also disappointed.

How can I be disappointed with an autographed card of my all time favorite player??  More on that tomorrow.

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  1. Let me guess.... Is it because Topps uses the same pictures over and over and over? If not, then I am confused haha