Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Purple Barney

I knew that there was a Toys R Us purple version of Darwin Barney's Topps base card.

It's not out there is big numbers, but I was able to get mine back in February, another piece of my Barney rainbow.

Perusing Ebay a couple weeks ago, I stumbled into another Barney purple card.  Like the first one, it too was from Toys R Us.  But this one was not from the flagship set, but instead was from Opening Day.

I knew that there are /2013 blue sparkle versions of the Opening Day set.  But I didn't see anywhere about a Toys R Us Opening Day parallel. The listing was a BIN with free shipping.  I BINed right away and now I've got another card to add to the rainbow.

This makes version #16 of the celebrating Barney.  I know that there will be an orange version when the factory set is released in July.  I believe that there aren't any other parallels due out.

Here are the 16 versions...


  1. This might be the OCD talking but assuming you pick up the orange one, you should track down another 1/1 just so it fills up two full binder pages!