Monday, June 17, 2013

Bobble Barney

Back in April the Cubs gave away a Darwin Barney Gold Glove trophy.  We went to the game to get the trophy, but we froze, too.

Showing my boy Barney some more love, the Cubs gave out a Barney Bobblehead on June 1.  I guess it was too warm for me to go, so we stayed home in Michigan.  I was going to have to rely on Ebay for the bobblehead.

They started popping up before the game was even over, but most were priced at $25-30 or more, plus shipping.  I waited a week for the price to drop, and drop they did.  I got mine at a decent price and with free shipping too!

Here is BobbleBarney!

I don't think it really looks like him, and they gave him the crummy blue alternate jersey.

I'm guessing that this picture on the box is the model for the bobblehead.

The box has a few other action shots too.

All in all, its decent enough and another nice addition to the Barney collection.


  1. That is a pretty cool bobble. Is it made by Forever or Alexander Global? As a bobblehead collector, I have found that AG makes bobbles with a better likeness to player than Forever does.

  2. Bobblehead rainbow? There's one that's all gold too...

    Although, I like this one better. The gold glove is a nice touch.

    1. The gold ones are going for at least $60 right now...I'll pass!

  3. Nice, very nice. My bobblehead collection and I are both very jealous.