Saturday, June 22, 2013

Aunt Millies Darwin Barney

Today I've got a new oddball Darwin Barney card.

It's part of a set of eleven cards put out by baking company Aunt Millie's.  Take a look here for all eleven of the cards.  I've seen a couple full set show up on Ebay, but  I just missed out on both of them.

The set features eleven different great moments in Cubs history.  Many of them seem kind of dubious...Harry Caray...Theo Epstein...Planting Ivy...Renovation the scoreboard...first opening night...that's five moments that didn't have anything to do with the actual playing of the game.  Kinda sad that in 138 seasons of Cubs baseball that they couldn't get eleven moments that took place on the field.

The cards have rounded corners and have the look and feel of playing cards, not baseball cards.  The come individually wrapped in plastic and are inserted in specially marked loaves of Aunt Millie's bread.  There is an Aunt Millie's bun bakery about 30 minutes away from me here in SW Michigan, and the mom of one of my students works there.  But none of their products here include the cards, so I picked this card up via Ebay.

This makes 140 cards in the Darwin Barney collection  and rising.  The Archives Orange glow should be coming soon.  He's also got a relic in Topps Series Two that I'm waiting on.

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  1. I was really thinking the era of the oddball card was dead, so this is a very encouraging find!