Thursday, June 6, 2013

2013 Museum Cubs

Topps Museum came out a month and a half ago and I'm finally getting around to grabbing a few of the cards.  Museum is a hobby-only big bucks type set that I usually steer clear of.  With only 100 cards on the checklist, it's not worth the bother to build a Cubs team set.  I usually like a set to have at least 7-10 cards in it.

The Cubs managed to land four players in the set.  Two are active, two are retired, and the two retired players are players I collect.

Of course, they are also the two Cubs Topps seems obliged to include in every set---Ernie and Ryno.

Ernie was also included in the Canvas Collection insert set.

This is probably my favorite Museum card.

I didn't bother getting the two active Cubs.  Instead I'm settling for a virtual version of the cards, compliments of Ebay.


There were a couple other parallels and inserts that I picked up and I get something up on them when they arrive.

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