Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where the H is the R?

I noticed this while writing yesterday's post.

On the Topps remakes of designs from the past, the team name isn't Cubs, its Cubs®

It's always bothered me that Topps includes the ®; but maybe they have no choice.


You can see it on Heritage, but not on the original '64s.


Same with Archives

But for some unknown and inconsistent reason...

....the ® is missing from the Fan Favorites cards.



And it's not on any of the Fan Favorite autographs, either.

Any theories?


  1. Only thing I can think of is it's related to current players. Perhaps players involved with a current team are considered a part of "registered properties."

    The whole copyright, registration thing as related to sports teams is a bunch of hooey, connected to the desire to sell memorabilia. I looked into it for a post a while ago.

  2. TM or R show up on topps archives of retired players Molitor, Palmer and Eddie Mahews in 2013 Archives base set. so I don't retired players is the key. I think Topps just fouled up.