Thursday, August 8, 2013

Adding Orange to the Barney Rainbow

The release of the Topps Factory Complete set means I needed to add another card to the Barney rainbow.  Each Factory Set comes with a pack of five orange-bordered cards, numbers to /230.  An Ebay seller had a bunch of these orange cards including #299 of Darwin Barney.

This makes the 17th variation of his card for my rainbow and there are still two more to go.  I just bought the mini version and in October, the update set will have a sapphire version.  For now, here is what the 17 cards look like.

In addition to adding to a rainbow, the orange cards give us the print run of the Topps factory set.  There are 660 cards in the set, with 230 of each, making a total of  151,800 orange cards.  Divide that by five cards per factory set and you get a run of 30,360 sets.

Here is a listing of factory sets made over the past few years, based on the numbering of the colored border parallel cards

2013 - 30, numbered to /230
2012 - 25, numbered to /190
2011 - 32, numbered to /245
2010 - 39, numbered to /299

You can see that this year represents the first time in a couple years that Topps didn't decrease the run over previous years.  I guess that would be a positive sign for the hobby.


  1. Beautiful rainbow. Now if only he can reward your collecting support by getting his average above .220!

  2. Nice! Any parallels in the mini set? I haven't looked into that yet but there were gold parallels last year.

    Also, what about your Barney cameo/Didi Gregorius rainbow? Haha