Friday, August 23, 2013

No Need to Keep Waiting, Bring Him Up Now

School starts in a week and a half and things are getting crazy busy at school...not much time for blogging, so just a quick post today.

Last August the Cubs brought up prospects Josh Vitters and Brett Jackson, giving them a chance to show if they were ready for the big leagues.  They both had put up decent numbers in the minors, but didn't do anything close to that with the Cubs.  In fact, they both were really, really bad.  

Were they rushed to the majors too quickly?  Nope--they were just over their head.  This year both are in AAA and not doing much at all.  I think their Chicago numbers were just an indication that they aren't prospects we can count on in the future.

This year, the Cubs have another prospect that's been tearing it up in both A and AA--Javier Baez. 

 Between Daytona and Tennessee, he's played in 119 games.  He's smashed 33 homers and driven in 100 runs....not too shabby. 

He played in several games for the Cubs in Mesa this spring and did really well.  He has stayed hot all summer long and I think the Cubs should bring him up in September and see if he's ready for the majors.

The team is 54-72 and in last place.  They've got nothing to lose.  Let's see what Baez can do in the bigs, now.


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  2. I saw a poll yesterday afternoon on Comcast SportsNet that asked fans who they would like to be the starting shortstop on Opening Day next season and it was 56% to 44% Baez over Castro. It's probably more a reflection on Castro than on Baez. What do you do with Starlin-- convert him to the outfield or second base?

  3. Outfield....I've got too many dollars invested in the current second baseman....but If I speak with my head instead of my wallet, second base makes more sense.

  4. One of the two should be our 3rd baseman, and we can hope Barney will start hitting better and consistently. Then we have Lake, Schierholtz and maybe convert Bryant to the OF.

  5. I don't think you'll see Baez until next year. He's only 20 and I don't think they want to start his service time yet.